Detox International

Due to the ongoing restrictions on social gatherings and general travel uncertainties Detox International is closing and will not be running any more retreats.
We would like to say how much we have appreciated and valued your support for our retreats and for the friendships that have formed between us all and for the love and healing that has been shared between us. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the first pioneering clients who took a risk on what we were offering back in 2004 and liked it enough to keep coming back and for all of you who put your trust in us to come once and keep returning.
Although it always feels sad when something has to end before you are ready, part of our journey is to recognise when we need to stop and change direction, and I feel very much that this is the right time to stop and flow with the winds of change. New and wonderful things I am sure will come into the space left behind - as the past recedes, new things will arise.
Although we are no longer working as a team, as individuals we can still offer help and support if you need it now or in the future and I have added our details below so that you can continue to be in touch with us if you wish.
With best wishes and much love,
Midi and the detox international team 
Midi Fairgrieve – Progressive Counselling and Equine Assisted Personal Development
Individual counselling sessions online via Zoom / Whatsapp / Skype
Mobile: (+44) 7305 516206
Equine Assisted Therapy - sessions locally in Scotland website: For more info:
Jem Friar –Health & Wellbeing Coaching Online.
Jem is offering individual & group coaching programs to support people to adopt a healthier lifestyle & to improve their physical health & emotional wellbeing.
Special Offer for Detox International clients: 30% off of all coaching programs that are signed up for in 2020 – just use the code: “Det-Int-30” when you sign up for more information on the page at -

Heath Wilson – Personal Growth therapist, educator and trainer - offering both one to one and group sessions. 
For more info - click here (
Mobile / whatsapp: (+49) 157 8686 5048
Yair Sagy and Ziza Fernandes Sagy – weekly online classes via Zoom (yoga, Qi Gong, vegetarian cooking, biodanza, meditation classes). Energy Reading training program.
Yair Sagy – individual Energy Healing Treatment sessions online.
For more info - click here  (
Yair and Ziza´s retreat in Spain is open and accepting clients for individual retreats all year round.

Mobile / Whatsapp: (+34) 680 332169
Anna Begas
Ayurvedic Massage, Energy Healing, Coaching for Women, Plant Spirit Communication
Available for Skype sessions in Coaching for Women and Distance Energy Healing
For more info - click here
Whatsapp/telegram: (+34) 682 710 561
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